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The shipwreck

On the 2nd of November 1935, the ship Jenolin from Mariehamn was floating towards Malören. The pilotages from Malören went out into the hard-southeastern winds to find the ship abandoned.

It turned out that Jenolin had begun to leak water and could not be controlled. A skiff and a dinghy were on board and all crew members left Jenolin together in them.

The salvage vessel Valkyra from Luleå was called to Maloren in an attempt to save Jenolin but arrived too late.

In the spring after the ship had been stranded, the pilotage decided that what remained of Jenolin would be distributed among the islanders, and in some of the island's cottages you can still see its timber built in with the rest. The remains of the wreck are to be seen on the eastern side of the island.