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The church

One of the most beautiful and remarkable chapels of the Bothnian coast is located on Malören. The chapel is commonly referred to as the "Archipelago Cathedral", as it is the only sea church with a cathedral spire on the roof.

In the 18th century you relied on luck while fishing out on the sea and that’s why it was important to have a good relationship with the higher powers. At Malören, like in many other fishing villages, stone labyrinths whose magic was considered to contribute to good catches can be found.

After years of discussion it was decided in 1768, in Tornio, that a church would be built at Malören. As an archipelago church, it was built unusually high, perhaps to reflect the economic importance of the island and to give a good first impression of Tornio city.

The chapel was transported to the island loaded on eight boats, leaving Karlö in Finland on July 15th, 1769, arriving at Maloren on July 17th, 1769. The building was first assembled in Säivisnäs and was dismantled for the journey across the sea. 


Once it had arrived on the island, the eight-tier church hall was reassembled. The church is cleverly assembled, and you can see the tracks of axes, knives and planes in the wood itself. The vaulted roof leads your imagination to the inside of a ship's hull, one prow to the west and one to the east.