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Explore Malören -A unique island experience 19 miles out at sea

Set your goal at reaching one of the bays most remote islands, Malören, and the beautiful guest house out there. Whether you´re looking for an adventure, a relaxing break or simply to wind down in nature, the Malören lodge always invites you to experience the true power of nature. In the most unique and memorable way imaginable. This unique experience takes you on a journey across the seemingly endless ice-covered fields of the frozen Bothnian Bay, with the goal to reach its most remote island, Malören.

Explore Malören 2-5 April 2021 (Friday-Monday)

Package including:

  • 3 nights accommodation at the Pilot cabin (Part in double room)
  • Snowmobile safari, Frevisören - Malören, round trip
  • Guided tour around Malören
  • Ice fishing
  • Ski tour on pack ice
  • Transfer Luleå airport-Frevisören round trip

The price includes:

  • Access to firewood sauna 
  • Full board
  • Helmet and winterclothes.

Price: 8 945 kr (Part in double room)

Single room supplement: 2 235 kr (3 nights)
Upgrade to sea view suite: 1 902 kr (3 nights)

Please contact booking@maloren.se for any reservations requests





Calmness and tranquility with the horizon as view

Malören is a nature reserve located furthest out of the archipelago in the Bothnian Bay. A distinctive island that few have had the ability to visit and stay at. We now make this unique place available for our guests. A unique and exclusive holiday destination for those who want to feel the calmness and silence of the sea, yet have the opportunity for experiences.


DAYS 1-3

Welcome to explore Malören

DAY 1 Friday

13:55 Arrival in Luleå

14:30 Transfer Luleå-Kalix (Frevisören). During your transfer from Luleå  to Frevisören you will pass stunningly beautiful landscape.

16:00 Arrival at Frevisören. After an orientation and instructions from the guide we will start our journey to the most remote island in Bothnian Bay, Malören.

17:00 We make stop on the outer arcipelago. Here the wind pushes the ice together into piles of broken ice.  We taste dried reindeer meet and drink sea buckthorn mulled wine. 

17:30 Arrival to Malören, the most remote island in Bothnian Bay. Check-in the Pilot cabin and welcome meeting. 

18:00 Dinner 

The sauna will be heated and if you dare you can take a bath in a ice hole in Bothnian Bay

DAY 2 Saturday

9:00 Breakfast

12:00 Try skiing across the ice-covered fields of the frozen Bothnian Bay? Join us and experience the beautiful pack ice around Malören, 30 kilometres out on the frozen sea. 

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Take a tour around the island of Malören, comfortably seated in a sled driven by one of our snowmobile guides. This part of northern archipelago is often called the world's most beautiful archipelago. Join our guides who will tell you about the exciting history of Malören and the different attractions on the islands. The guided tours are available in Swedish, English and Finnish. 

19:00 We cook and eat dinner together outside, with a beautiful view of the Bothnian Bay.

The dinner is a local Sami dish called 'souvas' with local vegetables. We cook in a very large dish in the center of the room over an open fire, in the old-fashioned Sami way. Souvas is made from lightly smoked reindeer meat and is delicious.  Experiencing sitting and eating beside the fire and overlooking the view over the frozen Bothnian Bay.

that you can experience during this tour but even before we get there, we take our own tour buses alongside Lake Torneträsk and through the border to Norway at Riksgränsen. Spectacular views are all along the route and change as the landscape changes.

21:00 The sauna will be heated and for those who wants can take a bath in a ice hole in Bothnian Bay

DAY 3 Sunday

9:00 Breakfast

11:00 We will transport you  with a snowmobile and sled to a place we´ve chosen for the day. We will provide you with all the equipment needed, hot drink, the best tips, interesting information about the area and hopefully we’ll catch a fish. This activity suits the entire family and does not require any physical skills. 

13:00 Lunch

19:00 Listen to exciting stories from the 17th century when
fishermen began to build small fishermen cottages on Malören. This was made in order to harvest the richness of the sea in a more convenient way than before. 

The Baltic herring culminated in the second half of the 18thcentury. At
that time, as many as 70 boat teams, both self-supporting fishermen from Karlö and employed fishermen from Tornio, could be on the island at the same time. 

A guide will assist you how to how to cook the fish over open fire We enjoy the fish together with potatoes and flatbread.

DAY 4 Monday

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 We will transport you  with a snowmobile and sled back to Kalix (Frevisören).

11:00 Transfer Kalix-Luleå airport

14:55 Departure Stansfield-Luleå 

A snowmobile is a type of vehicle that you can drive on the snow. It is motorised and has one or two skis beneath to ensure smooth gliding over snowy terrain. You will usually find that snowmobiles have space for one or two people. We offer a taxi snowmobile transfers on a snowmobile sledge that has up to 12 spots.

Snowmobiling allows you to explore places that you can’t reach by car. It’s also an exhilarating way to get around!