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Lotsstugan (The Pilot cabin)

We offer accommodations in Lotsstugan (The Pilot cabin). There are seven double rooms and one suite in Lotsstugan. Accommodation is available from 15th of June to 30th of August. All our rooms are bright and cozy. All single / double rooms have spring mattress and there is a quilt and pillow for each bed.

The kitchen

You are warmly welcome to use our guest kitchen. Here you have the opportunity to make your own breakfast or cook simple meals. The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking with stove, kettle, utensils and cooking utensils. There is also the possibility to store goods in our refrigerators and freezers.

Next to the kitchen is our family room where you eat your meals, play chess or other games, read and meet other guests.

You are responsible for cleaning up yourself in the kitchen. And that you take out your garbage to a container.

The power

The power on Malören is turned on during certain times. At 7-9:30 am, 11.30-14 pm and 17-23:30 pm daily. Important to keep in mind that it's during these times that you can use electricity for cooking and have access to hot water in the tap.


Bring your own linens. Mattresses, duvet and pillows are provided in each room. We recommend that you bring sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases for hygienic reasons. Sleeping bags usually get too hot. There is an option to rent bed linen for 200 SEK if desired.


The rooms must be cleaned prior to departure from Malören. Garbage must be removed, and the room must be vacuum cleaned. Cleaning can also be purchased. No cleaning is charged from 1500kr.


The sauna is booked by writing your name and the time you want to use it on the booking board that you can find in the crown sauna. Important to consider is to fill the water heater with water from the hose when the power is on and to heat it up the sauna (with firewood) one hour before using.

Also, be sure to fill the water heater an hour before using so that the water gets hot.

A tip is to fill half the bath tub with cold water and let the water in the tubs heat up while the sauna is heated. When it's time to use the sauna, you can fill up the tubs with hot water from the water heater to get the desired temperature of the bath water.

Do not forget to clean when done. Invalid cleaning or damage will be charged with actual costs, minimum 1.500 SEK.


The hot water for washing dishes is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to wash in a tub. A shower can be find in the corridor. Since the hot water is limited, we recommend that everyone wash in the sauna first and foremost. 

Drinking water

You take the drinking water from all taps in the lodge. When the power is off, water still is available in a tap on one side of the pilot cabin.


In connection with the lodge there are two outhouses.


All garbage should be taken to the bins that are adjacent to the outhouses. Compost waste in the brown bin and combustible garbage in the green one. Plastic and metal needs to be sorted separately.